Unia Leszno

We are a strategic Sponsor of the most successful speedway club in Poland - Unia Leszno.

Our sports passion mixed with a liking and respect for the multi-titled club resulted in our strategic sponsorship agreement. We express great satisfaction with the possibilities of cooperation between our company and the most successful speedway club in Poland.

Stainer Unia Kolejarz Rawicz

2 December 2017 is a very special day in the history of Polish speedway. In the hall of the 1st Secondary School in Rawicz two teams were presented: FOGO Unia Leszno and Stainer Unia Kolejarz Rawicz. The teams which are to join the competition in 2018.

STAINER, a titular sponsor of Kolejarz, supports young and ambitious riders!

Stainer Polonia Leszno

During the official press conference held on 7 September 2017 a new name for football section was presented “Polonia Leszno 1912” – one of the oldest because it has been existent for over 100 years in Wielkopolska. Stainer Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] is a titular sponsor of the club. We do believe that our support will help Stainer Polonia Leszno get promoted to III division.

MTS Pawłowice

Stainer Bauchemie has been a sponsor of the reactivated team of ambitious MTS Pawłowice Senior Section footballers. Most football players forming a new team used to be members of GKS Krzemieniewo. Reinforced by former MTS players, they form a truly strong young and promising group. We keep our fingers crossed – we do believe that our support will help the team be successful!