For the Investor

Attractive Stainer offer

Discover the story of Thomas and see why you should choose Stainer Bauchemie products.


A special benefits package for investors

Large samples

We have a wide range of catalogs and samples mapping not only the color, but also the structure of a product. Especially for you, we have prepared the largest samples that will allow you to know our materials better and to compare their appearance under different lighting conditions.

Consulting construction

Our offer for individual customers includes not only a given product. We are well aware of the dilemmas investors have during the selection and application of the material. That's why we provide expert support in both the showrooms, as well as on the site of the investment. We also work with trusted contractors who are certified Stainer Zertifikat holders.

6-year warranty

For the sake of your peace of mind as well as the durability of the elevations we have launched a 6-year warranty which is a quality assurance of the Stainer Bauchemie insulation systems. Just follow the 5 simple steps to make sure you can sleep well and without any worries about your cosy abode.