Stainer Bauchemie

Stainer Bauchemie - we are a manufacturer of construction chemicals in the European Union. We rely on German quality by introducing products based on the latest technologies, we meet all the necessary requirements and European standards.

Our main aim is to give you the highest quality of materials, service maintenance and professional advice. Our quality control laboratory is constantly at work and under the watchful eye of our qualified specialists and certified research units.

In our offer you will find specialized products such as plasters, paints, primers, glues and mortars, as well as certified insulation systems. We are constantly working on the implementation of new products and innovative technologies, which are based on eco-conscious policies.

Our sales representatives all over the country, professional studies of color, design elevation computer system, the 6-year warranty plus excellent pre-sales and post-sales support are the most important advantages which distinguish us from the competition. Therefore, we are ready to welcome you to our authorized sales points located all over the country.


We have adapted the German know-how in our domestic market. We have both our own technology line and an extensive sales network. The European audit system allows us to maintain excellent product quality.


The innovative methods of production and sales allow us to maintain a minimum level of prices in relation to the highest quality of our products. We offer an attractive discount to suit each and every pocket.


We provide a 6-year warranty on our products. Their quality is ensured both at the level of production by the Institute for Building Technology and performance of Stainer Zertifikat.